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McAllen Convention Center

McAllen’s new 174,000 square foot convention center offers state of the art meeting and show space within walking distance of restaurants and shopping. It hosts music concerts, trade shows, national conventions, dance recitals, and more.

The multi-million dollar facility opened its doors in 2007. It is also home to the Veteran’s War Memorial of Texas that is located on the east side of the property.

Oval Park on the west side of the grounds has a fountain and reflecting pool where “Music Afterhours” is held, where a variety of musicians perform every other friday. People congregate to the park to have picnics, use the beautiful backdrop to take pictures for weddings, or simply take a stroll.

Cine El Rey

Cine El Rey has been an integral part of the local Hispanic community since 1947. Throughout the decades, it has been molded into a modern day theatre with a historical flare. It attracts audiences by challenging the commonplace and showcases events unique and out-of-the-ordinary. Cine El Rey is always bustling with life by inviting newcomers to discover and explore the world of creative arts.

A Brief Look into the Past

Cine El Rey featured mostly Spanish-language films up until its closing in 1988. Located in the heart of McAllen’s oldest region, this little corner of comfort and culture would not stay closed for long. Cine El Rey sprung to life once again and became the ultimate venue for local entertainment when local citizens revived the city’s downtown 17th Street entertainment district.

The theatre takes you on an exhilarating journey to the past with its charming and antique atmosphere. It hosts a number of concerts, film festivals, comedy shows and other special events. Visit the Cine El Rey Facebook page to check out the latest events and news.


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