The 10 Best Bars and Restaurants in McAllen to Grab a Margarita To-Go!


Since March, Texans have been purchasing alcoholic drinks to-go and enjoying them at home. McAllen has tons of restaurants and bars with amazing adult beverages, but with so many to choose from, we decided to narrow it down into a simple list with each location focusing on their margaritas! Here are 10 bars and restaurants in McAllen to snatch a margarita to-go! 

Suerte Bar & Grill 

Uptown location: 400 W. Nolana Ave.
Downtown location: 301 S. 17
th St.

If you’re a McAllen native, then you’ve definitely heard of Suerte Bar & Grill. One of the most popular and creative bars out there, Suerte is always serving great drinks. Now, while they have many noteworthy beverages, we’re focusing on their margarita called “La Maceta.” This 32 oz. top-selling beverage is almost too pretty to drink! It’s topped with Chamoy and chunks of mango, and you can even add additional shots for a bigger kick.  Order here!

Photo courtesy of Suerte Bar & Grill.

Grab a Margarita To-Go!

Costa Messa 

North location: 5248 N. 10th St.
Original location: 1621 N. 11
th St.

Costa Messa is a local favorite when it comes to authentic Mexican food, but did you know this restaurant has some of the tastiest frozen margaritas to-go as well? That’s right! You can have your entire household singing karaoke by the end of the night with these margaritas!

Find more info here!

Photo courtesy of Costa Messa.

Grab a Margarita To-Go!

The Quarter New Orleans Kitchen and Tap Room

100 E. Nolana Ave. #155

Looking for over 100 beers on tap? The Quarter has that and a delicious brunch special that includes barbacoa, beans, potatoes, tortillas, jalapenos, salsa, onions, and cilantro for only $20! As for their margaritas, they’re so good that you’ll probably order two! We have to mention their White Claw Slush and Mexican Lollipop Slush drinks as well! Their names alone should spark your curiosity!

Find more info here!

Photo courtesy of the Quarter New Orleans Kitchen and Tap Room.

El Divino Dining & Cocktails 

5001 N. 10th St.

El Divino has always raised the bar when it comes to delectable food and drinks. With the largest selection of whiskey south of San Antonio, it’s no wonder they’ve been a local favorite for so long. Let’s talk about their to-go kits. They include margaritas, the classic old fashioned, Moscow Mules, and Cucumber Martinis! You can take any of these home!

Photo courtesy of El Divino Dining & Cocktails.

Grab a Margarita To-Go!

Bourbon St.

4800 N. 10th St.Bourbon St. has food that’s finger-licking good! With social distancing measures, this spot has also made live performances safe for visitors and mastered to-go beverages with their margarita kit that includes lime, salt, and, of course, Mr. Jose Cuervo. Find more info here!

Photo courtesy of Bourbon St.

Grab a Margarita To-Go!

Republic of the Rio Grande 

1411 S. 10th St.

With brick oven pizzas, pastas, steaks, and so much more, Republic of the Rio Grande knows how to quiet a rumbling stomach. For alcohol, this spot has a sophisticated range of spirits and mixed drinks, and their margaritas are no exception! Their blackberry pomegranate margarita has the perfect amount of tartness and sweetness. It’s the perfect addition to any of their delicious meals!

Find more info here!

Photo courtesy of Republic of the Rio Grande.

Grab a Margarita To-Go!

Bodega Tavern & Kitchen

2901 N. 10th St.

Bodega Tavern & Kitchen has brought upscale casual dining into homes with their to-go meals and, of course, drinks! This spot has various to-go beverage kits for Bloody Marys, paloma cocktails, mimosas, and margaritas! These kits can serve four to six people. If you don’t want to share, we don’t blame you. 

Find more info here!

Photo courtesy of Bodega Tavern & Kitchen.

Grab a Margarita To-Go!

SALT – New American Table 

210 N. Main St.

If you want an upscale experience at home, then this is it! Breaking onto the scene with vibrant flavors and taking the Rio Grande Valley by storm, SALT – New American Table is more than just a restaurant – it’s an experience! With so many amazing dishes, we need to reign it in and talk about their cocktail kits! Get a Salty Dog, cucumber, or margarita kit to-go with an amazing family dinner for four!

Find more info here!

Photo courtesy of SALT – New American Table.

Salome on Main

1409 N. Main St.

Looking to experience the flavors of Mexico? Then stop by Salome on Main! Enjoy their Costillita Pibil, which is Akaushi smoked short rib with rice, beans, salsa, onions, cilantro, and nixtamal tortillas for carryout. Be sure to upgrade with a margarita flask filled with freshly-squeezed Salomé margaritas, pre-mixed and ready to pour. 

You can order here!

Photo courtesy of Salome on Main.

Dirty Al’s Bayou Grill 

5712 N. 10th St. #400

Dirty Al’s has taken the reins when it comes to seafood and quality drinks. With coconut, regular mango, and strawberry margaritas on their menu, we want one to-go! At Dirty Al’s, every day is Friday, and with quarantine, who said it can’t be? Thanks, Dirty Al’s! 

Photo courtesy of Dirty Al’s.


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