Take a Bite Out of Some of the Best Burgers in McAllen!


Everyone appreciates a GOOD burger, and for National Hamburger Day, Explore McAllen wants to show you a few places in the city where you can find the best burgers. We went to a few locally-owned and operated restaurants to get an inside look at how each crafted their own. From specialty burgers like Grain to Glass’s Mac and Cheese Burger, to old-timer favorites like the California Club Burger from Pepper’s at Uptown, we’re sure you’ll find one that’ll pique your interest!

house. wine. & bistro. – McAllen Burger

Chef Larry Delgado of house. wine. & bistro. named this burger after the McAllen Ranch. Cooking it starts with a half-pound, grass-fed, all-natural beef patty layered with caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms and Jalapeno Jack cheese, all within a ciabatta roll.

Pepper’s at Uptown – California Club Burger

After testing so many different varieties of beef, Richard Sauceda, chef and general manager of Pepper’s at Uptown, says he’s found a premium ground beef that’s taken their burgers to the next level. What makes this one stand out is the fact that it’s cooked on a mesquite grill to release all kinds of flavors, with each making this burger one you won’t forget!

Lone Star BBQ – Monster Burger

This one is special because it’s a smoked and grilled burger. The brisket-blended patties and fajitas are all smoked in a pit, then moved to a grill. There, melted Swiss cheese and grilled onions are piled onto the patties and chopped fajitas, then placed onto a buttery bun.

Copper Moon Bar & Grill – Dark Side of the Moon Burger

This gourmet burger has highly-marbled, tender beef from the wagyu beef family. The patty is stuffed with roasted poblano peppers and feta cheese, then grilled. Once cooked, it’s topped with gouda cheese, grilled onions, bacon and house sauce as it sits on the grill, so everything can melt and come together nicely.

Starlite Burger – Mexican Burger

Starlite gives the people what they want. With their Mexican-style burger, they use multiple meats like those you find in lonches and grill them with a topped egg. This burger comes with a beef patty, bacon, ham and the egg, then it’s topped with cheese, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes and onions.

Lee’s Pharmacy – Cheeseburger

Known for its quaint, old-school diner feel, Lee’s Pharmacy makes quality cheeseburgers every day. What makes their cheeseburger so special is that it all starts off with Bob Starks high-quality meat that’s never frozen. It’s always fresh and delivered daily. The burger comes with all of the fixings!

Craft House – Build Your Own Burger

Craft House has a burger like you’ve never had before. In addition to a beef patty and cheese, it comes with chopped short rib grilled to perfection, grilled bacon, sliced avocado, a runny fried egg, lettuce and tomato. On Wednesdays, they have a $5 burger and fries combo where you can add more ingredients for an additional cost.

El Divino – Signature Burger

With a patty made up of chuck, ribeye and bone marrow, El Divino grills their beef on a plancha for a nice, even crust all-around. Once that’s done, they sprinkle cheese on it that they then melt in an oven. This burger is bursting with flavors thanks to their bacon and onion marmalade and onions that they caramelize for three hours. Balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, sugar and coffee are added to the onions to bring out the caramel flavors. The burger is then topped off with iceberg lettuce.

Grain to Glass – Mac and Cheese Burger

This is one of those burgers that you absolutely NEED to try! With a patty grilled to perfection and slices of cheddar cheese melted right onto it, a fried mac and cheese ball will also go directly over it, and it’s topped with additional queso. This is a spin on a classic burger that your taste buds will definitely enjoy!

Grain to Glass – Donut Burger

As if the Mac and Cheese Burger wasn’t enough, Grain to Glass’s Donut Burger comes with not one, but two full-sized donuts instead of buns! The bottom is flattened to accommodate the half-pound patty, cheddar cheese and bacon. The burger is then topped with an egg and another fluffy donut. Grain to Glass owner Dora Jean Sanchez says this is not for the faint of heart!

Try Them All Out!

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