World Birding Center Headquarters

The World Birding Center (WBC) is a network of nine locations dotted along 120 miles of rivers and roads from South Padre Island west to Roma,Texas. With habitats ranging from dry chaparral brush and verdant riverside thickets to freshwater marshes and coastal wetlands.

Mission, Texas is the headquarters for the WBC and only 5 miles west of McAllen. It's centered at Bentsen - Rio Grande Valley State Park. This park makes up 760 acres with an adjoining 1,700 acres of federal refuge land.

Bring your family for a picnic or stay at the campgrounds to truly experience nature. Birders have the chance of seeing Green Jays, Altamira and Audubon’s Orioles, Hook-billed Kites, and flocks of Broad-winged Hawks in migration. Click here for a full list of birds that you may be able to see. The list also includes pictures and audio samples.

The center is over 10,000 acres large and will soon be opened up entirely for viewing. The mission of the WBC is to protect the native habitat while increasing the understanding and appreciation of the birds and wildlife. Their project is a global model for conservation and ecotourism development. (information taken from the WBC webstite).

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