The Legend of St. Valentine

valentines day

The tradition of giving flowers and love notes to someone as a token of affection seems as old as time itself. Valentine's Day, the ultimate celebration of love, isn’t the same without these two. Though most of us love to give and receive these special gifts, most of us don't know why or how the tradition came to be.

The legend of Saint Valentine is truly a beautiful explanation of why flowers are given on this special day. It is a romantic and tragic tale that gives a whole new meaning to forbidden love. A version of this story tells of a priest who married couples in private against the will of Emperor Claudius III after he banned marriage in an effort to make men join his army. St. Valentine, the priest, was eventually discovered by Claudius and sentenced to death for disobeying the law. While his prison sentence was brief, Valentine grew fond of the jailor's daughter. During their short-lived romance, it is said the priest restored the girl's sight and hearing. On the day of his execution, St. Valentine gave the girl a love note attached to a single red rose. The tradition began in honor of the love martyr, St. Valentine.

Flowers for Your Valentine

Flowers are a wonderful and thoughtful gift, no matter the occasion. It’s no wonder they are so popular for holidays like Valentine's Day. Whatever the reason, make sure to spoil him or her with a love note or flowers on February 14th.

The City of McAllen has a variety of flower shops that are ready to help you steal that special someone’s heart away.

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